Run your business with Kelle

By badmin July 23, 2018

Here are 50 ways Kelle can help you simplify daily tasks, establish powerful success habits and handle everything on the go.

First things first, let’s get Kelle on your team:
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Once you have downloaded Kelle, use your myKW / KWConnect credentials to log in.
Speak directly into your phone. Kelle will scan information across the Keller Cloud to get you what you need in seconds.
Listings and Market Reports

  • Show me listings in [city, state] [ZIP code]
  • Show me my [closed, expired, pending, active, or sold] listings
  • Show me my listings
  • Find listings at [address, city, state]
  • Show me a snap for [ZIP code]
  • Show me a snap for [neighborhood name] in [city, state]

Agent-to-Agent Referrals

  • Who is in my referral network?
  • Search my referral network for [name]
  • Add [name] to my referral network
  • Show me my referrals
  • Show me the status of my referral to [name] or from [name] (Ex. John Smith)
  • Send a referral to [name]

Career Growth Initiative (CGI)

  • What is CGI?
  • How close am I to reaching my CGI goals?
  • How many closings do I need to reach my goal?
  • What are my monthly CGI goals versus actuals?
  • How many appointments did I complete this year?
  • What is my listing appointment or closing goal for this month or year?
  • How many listings have I taken this month or year?
  • How many listings do I need this month to reach my goal?
  • How many closings did I have last month?
  • What was my GCI last month or last year?
  • What is my average sales price?
  • Show me my average sales price by month, or year
  • What is my cap?
  • What is my cap status?
  • Show me my closed units volume [time period] (example: last year)


  • Find [name]
  • Show database contact [name]
  • Find [name] on Connect


  • Show upcoming events at my market center
  • Show upcoming events at the [name of market center]
  • Show upcoming events at market center number [number]
  • Find content on Connect from [name]
  • Show me events added to Connect [time period]
  • Find my registered events on Connect
  • Find the latest Red Report
  • Find the [month, year] Red Report
  • Donate to KW Cares

General Questions and Definitions 

  • What is a BOLD Law?
  • What is LORE?
  • What is [insert Kellerism]?
  • How many agents are at Keller Williams?
  • When is Family Reunion 2019?
  • When is Mega Camp?
  • What is a 411?
  • What is company dollar?
  • What are the Four Conversations?
  • What is profit share?
  • What is a market center?

If your experience isn’t perfect, don’t get frustrated. Kelle was born in Labs and is learning more and more every day. Send feedback on your experience or suggest new ideas to our development team through your profile on the app.